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  FAQ for scripts
What does HOH support in the way of scripting ?
HOH offers full support for ASP, Perl, SSI and IHTML. You can also compile your own scripts using any Windows compiler for Windows NT. IHTML is the fastest and most powerful technology and is highly recommended.

What do I need to do to get my Perl script to work ?
Perl files need to have the extension .pl before they will run on the server. They also need to be in your cgi-bin directory.

Where is sendmail or what is the path to Perl ?

HOH uses Windows NT servers so the above information is not relevant. PERL was originally a UNIX language and although it runs fine on NT, there are some changes that are needed. A good site to get information from is HOH is using the latest version of Active State Perl.

What components are there installed on the servers?
For ASP, we have the mailing components JMail and CDONTS. We also support the AdRotator and have Persit's ASP Upload. HOHhave the full version of Active State v5.6 Perl installed but have no other modules installed for it. Blat is also installed on all servers.

My script doesn't work

Writing scripts can be a complex and time consuming process. HOH does not offer any free support for building your scripts.

There is a problem on your server...

If you believe a problem with your script is being caused by our servers, then please contact support. Please note that if the problem does not turn out to be a fault on our servers you will be charged our standard consultancy fees.




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