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iHTML is a powerful server side scripting language. iHTML is an excellent tool for creating dynamic content, and for connecting to ODBC databases. It is very similar to Cold Fusion and Active Server Pages. iHTML is powerful, yet very easy to use. In fact, most iHTML tags look very similar to HTML tags, so learning iHTML is easy.

To use IHTML on a page you need to:

1 place <!iHTML> in the first line
2 Rename the file so the extension is .ihtml

iHTML can do anything that requires server-side activity. iHTML can do everything that ASP, Cold Fusion, and CGI would normally be used for. Since iHTML runs lightning fast, it is often preferable to use iHTML instead of CGI.

iHTML can connect to databases, connect to remote web servers, dynamically format the page, add the current date to an existing page, show the time on a page, write gif files on the fly, execute complex logic statements, and much more. iHTML is considered to be a full language in many respects, since it can do such a wide variety of tasks.

There are some examples of iHTML in use at


ASP was developed at Microsoft for use with their IIS web server package. ASP is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content, and for connecting to ODBC databases. Documents that have the .asp extension will be processed as an ASP document.

ASP can connect to databases, dynamically format the page, execute complex logic statements, and much more.HOH supports the use of VBScript, JavaScript, PerlScript, and PythonScript within Active Server Pages with VBScript set as the default scripting language.

You can find information about ASP at:
The ASP Toolbox
The ASP Developer's Site
ASP Developer's Site
The Active Server Pages FAQ


We only recommend using PERL if you are not familiar with any of the other technologies supported at HOH. HOH uses Active State Perl and documentation is available on




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